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Dead people healing alcoholism

Maria Barna The County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, Sibiu, Romania   Romanian peasants toasting to good life.  Source. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there were many villages in the Moldavia region of Romania where doctors hardly ever came. When people became ill they found hope  in prayers […]

Designer babies: boon or bane?

Hanasha Durganaudu Selangor, Malaysia   Feet of newborn baby In this twenty-first century, we have witnessed many astounding developments in medicine.  One example is the evolution of the ‘designer baby’ concept from  an element of science fiction to a popular topic in the bioethical sphere. According to The Embryo Project Encyclopaedia, ‘designer babies’ are  genetically […]

Single payer healthcare

Adil Menon Boston, MA   Stethoscope on national flag of USA Since the late 1940s when employer based private health insurance became increasingly prevalent in the United States, the expansion of public health insurance to a growing share of the population has been viewed as the best approach to helping people, particularly those on the […]

Measure of the heart

Richard de Grijs and Daniel Vuillermin Beijing, China   Sanctorius, S., 1626. Pulsilogium (centre; line with a weight tied to a finger alongside a ruler) and thermoscope (right). The heart is a musical organ. The irregularity of one’s inhalation and exhalation of air defies musicality, while the involuntary rumbling of moving gas in the intestines […]

Torsten Almén 1931-2016. Inventor of non-ionized contrast media.

Frank A. Wollheim  Lund, Sweden   Fig 1. Torsten Almén at work with his oboe. There were no signs of genius to impress us in any of the medical students at Lund in the fall of 1950, and certainly not in Torsten Almen. He seemed rather ordinary, somewhat shy and stuttering; and it was a […]

Support players in the story of an illness – how to behave

Fergus Shanahan University College Cork, Ireland   Those who support in silence and support by their presence (Feb 24, 2017) by Kiran Sandhu One of the poems written by Seamus Heaney after recovering from a stroke was inspired by the well-known biblical story in which a sick man is miraculously cured. However, the Nobel laureate […]

Redefining the war on cancer

Justin Dean Shea Ontario, Canada   The Battlefield of Cancer Treatment (Mar 13, 2017) by Timamit. Private Collection Ever since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971, the public has been convinced that the only way to deal with the disease is through combat1.  But after forty years with destructive remedies such as chemo […]

Night shift

Andrew C. Schroeder Des Moines, IA Ready to help by Andrew Schroeder   My first overnight shift as a third-year medical student in the Emergency Department: the nervous anticipation had been building all afternoon. Of course nothing really tangible separates a day-shift from a night-shift, except perhaps a feeling of well-restedness by the end of […]

Sir Roderick Glossop: Wodehouse’s “eminent loony doctor”

Paul Dakin North London, UK   Sir Roderick Glossop (right) and J Washburn Stoker appear in court following Jeeves’ intervention P.G. Wodehouse is one of the greatest comic authors of the twentieth century. He wrote nearly a hundred books containing a fascinating array of characters. Many inhabited the confined geography of 1920’s London and country […]

Episteme and translation in an annotated copy of the Canon of Medicine by Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna)

Sang Ik Song & Adam S. Komorowski University of Limerick, Ireland   Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine, pg 275: Hooper has underlined “nentaphyllon” and re-written the mis-transcription on the margin in Arabic Processes of Translation in European Medieval Medical Episteme The episteme and movement of knowledge of medieval medicine in Europe is a syncretic, multifarious complexity […]